by Manège Noir

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released October 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Manège Noir Austria

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Track Name: Heart: Diatribes
Divided we stand, united we fall
Difference imperfect, the end of us all
Driving a wedge between the pillars of depravity
Tear us apart, Tear us apart
From the inside out

In this swamp of selfishness, everyone shall drown alone
Clinging for help, gasping for air, now you'll face your own despair
You make me sick you fucking piece of shit
You fucking scum, you're cancer in my lungs

Deception everywhere
Spread the hate, unite the people
Take out their brains, their hearts, their minds
Indoctrinate the masses
In a world where love is the exception
Self-interest, ingratitude took charge
The ego reigns supreme
Facts are dead, Ignorance is bliss

Against the wall, full speed against the wall
Against the wall, flat out against the wall
Give them something to blame
and they're onboard the sinking boat
Spread the hate, unite the people

Intolerance will no longer be tolerated

The rock meets the hard place
History will repeat itself
Can't you see how blind you are?
Track Name: Mind: Demoncracy
Trust lies in pieces
Collecting the shards
Assemble with bloody hands
Falling apart

Assignment of guilt
No one's to blame
Look at the others
They're doing the same

Responsibility denied
Hate emerged, Unity defied

Enforcing the change
Cut your own skin
Feasting the green
like a broken machine

No purpose, only hate

String puppets for the wealthy
The more you have the more you get
Imbalanced Equality
Track Name: Soul: Decay
█ The lyrics to this song are in German.

Wie Motten zum Licht
Fliegen wir dem Schein entgegen
Misere getarnt
Als die Chance auf ein besseres Leben

Fressen, Saufen, Rauchen, Klagen
Sind die Hobbies die mich plagen
Ändern kann und will ich nichts
Ein Opfer bin ich, keine Macht

Dankbarkeit, die will ich nicht
Wenn Trauer aus den Schranken bricht
Suche mir ein Feindbild aus

Die sind anders als ich bin
Jetzt macht endlich alles Sinn

Eigenes Denken wird ersetzt
Fremdmentalität der Massen
Kritik soll uns in Ruhe lassen

Wir sollen uns danach richten

Der Große spricht, wir hören zu
Hinterfragen nichts, gibt kein Tabu
Es soll in unsere Köpfe rein
Hinterfragen nichts, so soll es sein

Wir machen es, weil es immer schon so war
Es wird immer weitergehen
Wir machen es, weil es immer schon so war
Die Welt wird nicht mehr lang bestehen
Track Name: Body: Genocide
You are what you are, you are what you eat
The circle closes, is complete
You are what you are, you are what you eat

Cheaper and cheaper, the situation gets worse
Cheaper and cheaper, end this curse

Welcome to the diner called world
Serving everything
Let the taste unfurl

Wolf down the piece of flesh
Become the murder
Become the suffering

Chimneys like claws, smoke shreds the sky
Malevolent stronghold, bleeding us dry
Drown in the feces, swallow that shit
Pollute mother earth, stuck in the pit

Speak up for those
Who can't speak for themselves

Down they go the assembly line
Seen as mere things, than living beings
Empathy's gone, feelings denied

You are what you are, you are what you eat
The circle closes, is complete

Hoarding the torture, covered by lies
Vacuum sealed plastic, exit disguised
You are what you are, You are what you eat