Heart: Diatribes

from by Manège Noir



█ Mixing & Mastering: Nobert Leitner / UDIO Media
█ Artwork: WrittenInBlack
█ Photos: Julian Haas / Through The Haze


Divided we stand, united we fall
Difference imperfect, the end of us all
Driving a wedge between the pillars of depravity
Tear us apart, Tear us apart
From the inside out

In this swamp of selfishness, everyone shall drown alone
Clinging for help, gasping for air, now you'll face your own despair
You make me sick you fucking piece of shit
You fucking scum, you're cancer in my lungs

Deception everywhere
Spread the hate, unite the people
Take out their brains, their hearts, their minds
Indoctrinate the masses
In a world where love is the exception
Self-interest, ingratitude took charge
The ego reigns supreme
Facts are dead, Ignorance is bliss

Against the wall, full speed against the wall
Against the wall, flat out against the wall
Give them something to blame
and they're onboard the sinking boat
Spread the hate, unite the people

Intolerance will no longer be tolerated

The rock meets the hard place
History will repeat itself
Can't you see how blind you are?


from MMXV, released October 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Manège Noir Austria

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